AC 1.2 - probation services

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  • probation service
    • roles
      • write reports to recommend a sentence and/or recommend - ations for early release
      • monitor how the sentence is being carried out
      • manage the offender
        • their licence conditions
        • see if they're following their probation conditions
      • assisting offenders
        • securing employment + accommodat -ion
        • re- negotiating relationships with friends + family
        • address addictions
          • rehabilitation
          • councelling
    • relationships
      • police
        • close relationship
        • may need to re-arrest someone if they break their conditions
          • creates another case for the police
        • police are responsible for managing sex offenders on release
          • because of Sarah's Law
      • courts
        • preparing sentencing reports on offenders
        • probation supervise offenders who have been given a community sentence by the court
        • probation supervise drug testing under the court's orders
        • courts give probation the conditions of a probation
      • prison services
        • probation supervise prisoners who have been released and are on licence or parole
          • includes overseeing all prisoners who have served a sentence of up to 2 years and released on licence for a minimum of 12 months
        • liaising when a prisoner is to be released from prison on licence


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