Absorption in the small intestine

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  • Absorption in the small intestine
    • How soluble products are absorbed into the body
      • Villi and microvilli
        • Folded finger like projections
        • Thin walls lined with epithelial cells
        • Rick network of capillaries on the other side
        • Increase surface area and increase rate of diffusion
        • Situated between the interface between the lumen of intestines and the blood and other tissues
        • Adapted for absorption of products of digestion
        • How they increase rate of diffusion
          • Increase surface area
          • Thin walls- reducing diffusion pathway
          • Able to move - maintain diffusion gradient
          • Supplied with blood vessels - maintain diffusion gradient
    • Role of active transport
      • Not all available glucose can be absorbed by diffusion
      • Glucose is absorbed by active transport


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