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  • Abortion
    • The Law
      • Two doctors agree that mother's life at risk OR risk to health of already living children OR baby is severely disabled
      • Can't take place after 24 weeks.
    • Non-religious Arguments in favour
      • A woman has the right to choose
      • A child's quality of life is important
      • A mother's health and welfare is more important than her unborn child
      • There are too many people on the planet
    • Non-religious arguments against
      • It's a form of murder.
      • Everyone has the right to be born so they can reach their full potential
      • All life has Value
    • Christian Teaching
      • Roman Catholics and some Evangelical Christians believe that life begins at conception so abortion is murder and a serious sin.
      • Thou shalt not kill
      • Christian teaching on the 'Sancity of Life' means every human has the right to life (even a foetus)
      • 'God knit you togrther in your mothers womb'
      • God has a plan for every human life, and only God can take life so abortion is 'playing God' which is a serious sin.
      • Some christians such as Liberal Christian believe that abortion in certain circumstances may be the kindest and most loving action. They refer to Jesus' teaching that love is th most important thing
    • Muslim Teaching
      • Abortion is permittd before 120 days for serious reasons (the lesser of two evils)
      • The foetus doesn'tt receive a soul until it is born so it is not human so abortion is allowed
      • The Quran says murder is Haram (forbidden)
      • 'Do not kill your children in fear of want'
      • Muslims believe in the 'Sanctity of Life'
  • Can't take place after 24 weeks.


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