A Raisin in the Sun Relationships

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  • Character Relationships
    • Mama and Walter
      • Do not understand each other
      • Mama disapproves of Walter's liquor store
      • Walter does not value Mama's fight for freedom
        • 'Money is life' 'I remember when freedom was life
    • Walter and Ruth
      • Damaged relationship at start
        • Ruth is tired of his schemes
        • Walter feels she doesn't support him
      • Ruth does everything for him and Travis
        • Will still raise issues with him
        • Typical female attitude of the time
        • Walter does not appreciate this at first
    • Walter and Beneatha
      • Walter does not think Beneatha should become a doctor
        • Medical school too expensive
        • Beneatha does not work to pay for medical school
    • Mama and Beneatha
      • Do not understand each other
        • Beneatha does not believe in God
        • Mama doesn't know why she won't marry (rich) George
      • Mama support's Beneatha's education
        • Willing to pay for school from the insurance money
    • Benatha and George
      • Beneatha despises George
        • Doesn't care about Africa
        • Tells her to sit quietly and look pretty
        • He does not think she should become a doctor
    • Beneatha and Asagai
      • Share a passion for learning
      • Asagai willing to teach her about Africa
      • Asagai admires her mind and spirit


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