A Level Translation skills

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  • Translation skills
    • Before you start the translation, read the text carefully.
    • Beware of false friends
    • Translate a sentence at a time, then double check the structure.
    • Draft/plan your translation
    • Word order. Read the translation back to you!
    • Look for synonyms when you don't know the exact translation
    • Spelling!
    • The translation is marked in chunks, think phrase level.
    • Don't miss words out!
    • Use the context to help you choose tricky words
    • Always proof read!




Excellent structuring for learning. You always need to sort things out in your head. Especially in education. And always use a variety of methods. I believe that one of the most effective methods is learning the language from films and music. Moreover, now it is full of opportunities for translating all materials, both text and video. In the latter case, the Vidby site https://vidby.com/ helps a lot.

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