A Girls Song - Katherine Tynan

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  • A Girls Song - Katherine Tynan
    • AO3: Context
      • Had sons who fought in the war
      • First hand knowledge of the war
      • Was alive during the war
      • Meuse and Marne are both rivers that were part of major battlefields during world war one
    • AO2: language and structure
      • Iambic Tetrameter which flows to the rhythm of the two rivers
      • Pathetic fallacy: aids the mournful tone of the poem
      • Extensive natural imagery
      • Symbolism
      • Juxtaposition between nature and war - War is unnatural
    • AO1: Points and Quotes
      • Quite a romantic view of war
        • "the rose will wear"
        • "Twine it in her russet hair"
      • Mournful
        • Slow pace and mournful tone - loss
        • "I heap the stoens"
        • "many sleep as sound as he"
        • "Here my dear love lies asleep"
      • War is unnatural
        • "His blood is in the rose's vwins"
    • AO4: Links
      • Nature: The seedmerchants son
      • Mourning: Perhaps
    • AO5: Alternatuve interpretations
      • Unrealistic view of war
        • not very violent
        • Not explicit
      • Death is a natural part of life - a coping mechanism


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