a christmas carol analysis

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  • analysis
    • scrooge
      • a beginning seen as villan
      • doesn't give to charity to begin with
      • doesn't want to put coal on the fire
      • doesn't want to spend Christmas with his neohew
      • presents scrooge like this at the beginning to make us aware
      • uses long sentences describing scrooge as things such as "as solitary as an oyster to over whelm us with a negative impression
      • overall bad character to begin with to make end transformation more dramatic
    • "should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart"
      • gives funniest lines to scrooge so the reader is drawn to him and likes him in some way to care about his transformation
      • his funny lines keep him likeable towards beginning of text
    • jacob marley
      • "shun the path i tread"
      • not just targeting scrooge but everyone else like him
    • context
      • wrote towards end of industrial revolution
      • industrial revolution had positive outcomes as the countries economics raised
      • dickens was fascinated by the industrial revolution but not by the inequality crated in society
        • people believed that poor people were lazy so helping would encourage them
          • sent them to workhouses to discourage people from seeking help as it was painful work
    • Thomas Malthus
      • cautioned against helping hungry people because it would "lead to an impossible to manage population size"
      • "surplus population" inspired by him
    • john forster
      • believed had a message for everyone
        • "selfish man to rid himself of selfishness; the just man to make himself generous; and the good-natured man to enlarge the sphere of his good nature"


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