3 theories of learning

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  • 3 theories of learning
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Behaviour could be modified or conditioned if it was directed towards a stimulus
      • Presented by a psychologist called Skinner
      • Experiments for this theory involved a rat that eventually learnt through trial and error that if a lever was pressed, food would be released
      • Involves the learner forming and strengthening a stimulus-response (S-R) bond
      • Referred to as a connectionist or associationalist theory
      • How it works: The teacher presents a stimulus  to the performer in an environment that replicates a relevant sports situation. The learner will through trial and error react or respond to the stimulus. When performed completes correct response, positive reinforcement is given
    • Cognitive learning theory
      • Learning is best achieved by presenting the whole skill to the learner in context of a realistic situation
      • Thought to be dependant on perception
      • Presents all information necessary for complete understanding
    • Observational learning
      • Copying the behaviour of others
      • Copied from role models
      • Role model must be positive and have good, inspirational behaviours to follow
      • Form of visual guidance


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