19th Century

A mind map of all the information about the 19th Century

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  • 19th Century
    • What did they think caused disease?
      • Early 1800's
        • Miasma
        • Spontaneous generation
    • Treatments to cure and prevent disease
      • Asclepeia
      • Purging and bleeding
      • Perfumes and fires to freshen air
      • Paracelsus - chemicals and signatures
      • Koch -  vaccines developed against many diseases
      • Vaccine against smallpox
    • Public Health
      • Public Health Act 1848
        • National Board of Health set up
        • Government could force local councils to make improvements to water supply and sewerage and appoint a Medical Officer of Health.
        • Local councils could collect taxes to pay for improvements
      • Snow proved clean water was essential for preventing the spread of cholera
      • The Great Stink - 1858
        • Added to the evidence that reform was needed
        • Sewer system was built in London
      • Pasteur's germ theory meant that people were more willing to pay taxes


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