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  • 1960s
    • 1961 - USSR orbit earth - make advances before USA
    • 1961 - Berlin Wall built by USSR
      • 1963 - Charles De Gaulle & France veto Britain's wish to join EEC. Quit NATO and expelled HQ from Paris in 1966
    • From 1945-1960 3 million people crossed from West - East Berlin. USSR was losing skilled workers
    • 13th August 1961 - Well guarded fence built. People trapped either side. Guarded by Red Army machine gun posts
    • 1963 - Kennedy travels to West Berlin and makes a famous speech calling himself a jelly doughnut. Made relations worse. Gesture showing sympathy to West. West becomes even more anti-Communist
    • 14th October 1960 - U2 Spy Plane took pictures of nuclear missile bass being built on Cuba. Kennedy was told he had 10 days until Cuba could fire missiles
    • 1961 - Bay of Pigs - USA trained and arms cubans and planted them back into Cuba to kill Fidel Castro - people were captured and put in prison. Shows Cuba they needed protecting from USA and so Cuba made a deal with USSR -- Cuban Missile came next
    • 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis
      • 1966 Bucharest Declaration - attempted to say what the Eastern Bloc wanted Detente to achieve
    • 1968 - Czechoslovakia
      • 1968 - Prague Spring - abolished press censorship, trade unions got more freedom, more responsibility given to farms & factories and Dubcek says he wants to stay loyal to Warsaw Pact
    • 1965-73 Vietnam War
    • 1963 - Test Ban Treaty signed by USA, Britain and USSR - banned nuclear tests in atmosphere, under water and space - slows arms race
    • Vienna Summit - July 1961 - Khrushchev demanded Western powers leave Berlin. Kennedy ordered an increase in armed forces
    • 1963 - 69 - Road to detente due to Cuban Missile Crisis
    • 1968 - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - signed by USA, Britain & USSR agreed not to share info about nuclear technology. But France, China, Israel & South Africa refused to sign it. Feel they need it for defence
    • Willy Brandt chancellor in West Germany from 1969-74. Held policy of Ostpolitik
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