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  • 1950s
    • Korean War - 1950-53. Cause of war - President Truman interested and concerned about Far East because China became Communist in 1949 and he believed in the Domino effect. Significant as USA trying to roll Communism back using violence - first time since WW1. 10 million lives lost
    • 1952 - H-Bomb unveiled by USA. H-Bomb tested by USSR in 1953. 1,000 times more powerful than atomic bomb
    • Khrushchev became leader in 1955 - determined to change the policies of the USSR - Said to Tito 'there are different roads to Communism'.His policies - peaceful co-existence and destalinisation
    • Stalin dies - 1953
    • 1956 - Khrushchev denounced the purges Stalin made - Salami tactics  & attacked Stalin calling him a murderer
    • The Geneva Summit - 1955 - post-war peace summit aimed to reduce international tension
    • 1957 - USSR successfully launched world's first satellite - Sputnik. 1961 - Yuri Gagarin became first astronaut to orbit the earth (USSR). Russia had began a space race with USA. USA not happy USSR made advances before them. Spying an issue.
    • Warsaw Pact set up 1955 - military alliance of Communist countries. Rival to Nato
    • Change in leader in Hungary 1956 - Hungarian Crisis - trying to break away from control of USSR. Want Nagy in power - riots. Smashed statues of Stalin, attacked Secret Police and Russian Soldiers
    • 1956 - Poland, Poznan. Factory workers protested about increased targets. Soldiers sent in. USSR felt uneasy as they believe Gomulka would call for Polish independence
    • 1950s - Propaganda war
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