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Intention: Balfour v Balfour
Domestic setting - husband/wife - not legally binding
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Intention: Wilson v Burnett
Social setting - friends - not legally binding
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Intention: Blue v Ashley
Social setting - pub - 'banter - Sports Direct CEO - £15m - not legally binding
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Intention: Merritt v Merritt
Domestic setting - couple separated - don't rely on honourable understanding - legally binding
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Intention: Barbudev v Eurocom Cable Management Bulgaria
Commercial setting - court considers objective setting as whole - not subjective state of mind - onus of demonstrating ITCLR on party asserting it - it is a heavy one (concerned side letter - suggesting 10% in new company)
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Offer or ITT: Partridge v Crittenden
Advertisement - under 'Classified advertisements' - invitation to treat
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Offer or ITT: Grainger v Gough
Wine merchant - price list - invitation to treat
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Offer or ITT: Lefkowitz v Great Minneapolis Surplus Store - US CASE
Where offer is 'clear, definite and explicit, and leaves nothing open for negotiation' it is an offer
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Offer or ITT: Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemist Ltd
Exposure of goods - display - invitation to treat
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Offer or ITT: Fisher v Bell
Exposure of goods - display - invitation to treat
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Machine acceptance: Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking
Offer: propreitor says it is ready to receive money - acceptance: customer puts money into slot - 'committed' beyond recall (Per Denning LJ)
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Revocation of offer: Bryne & Co. v Van Tienhoven & Co
Person accepting offer not known to be revoked - valid offer - acceptance on receipt of letter as revocation didn't arrive until 9 days later
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Revocation of offer: Shuey v United States - US CASE
Reward issues through public proclamation - revoked through same - no contractual obligation due to acceptor being ignorant to revocation
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Revocation of offer: Hyde v Wrench
Counter offer terminates original offer
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Revocation of offer: Stevenson, Jacques & Co v McLean
Requesing information is not counter-offer - inquiry has no effect on original offer
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Acceptance: Day Morris Associates v Voyce
Acceptance only where clear that offeree intended acceptance - reference to offer, not reasonably interpreted as anything other than acceptance
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Postal Rule: Adams v Lindsell
Offer accepted when posted - not when reaches offeror
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Instantaneous Communications: Household Fire & Carriage Accident Insurance Co v grant
Offer expressly/impliedly authorizes sending of acceptance via post - valid from postage even if delay in its delivery - NB: Bramwell LJ dissented - postal rule hinders transactions, only valid when arrives
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Instantaneous Communications: Entores v Miles Far East Corpn
Postal rule doesn't apply to IC - contract complete when acceptance received (per Denning LJ)
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Instantaneous Communications: Brinkibon Ltd v Stahag Stahl
Emails - 'No universal rule' for IC - reference to: intention of parties - sound business practice - (some cases) a judgement where the risks should lie - general rule: acceptance of offer communicated (per Wilberforce LJ)
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Instantaneous Communications: The Brimnes
Acceptance thought to be communicated when read in 'ordinary course of a business' - 'normal businesslike way'
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Communication: Holwell Securities v Hughes
Specific language used -'notice to' - actual communication - postal rule therefore not accepted - if contract specifies
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Communication: Dickinson v Dodds
Said would hold offer until Friday - not bound by promise - no consideration - third party told Dickinson - offeror able to withdraw offer if no consideration/deposit
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Battle of the Forms: Tekdata Interconnections Ltd v Amphenol Ltd
The last terms traded on stand - no further documentation/T took delivery - therefore on A's terms - though in long term relationship may have impact
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Consideration: Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v Selfridge & Co Ltd
Dunlop gave no consideration
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Breach: Robinson v Harman
Rule of common law - where party sustains loss - entitled to be placed in same situation as if contract formed
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Snapping up cases: Hartog v Colin & Shields
Offeree 'could not reasonably supposed' that the offer contained real intention of offeror - reasonable person
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Cross offer: Tinn v Hoffman
'Cross offers are not an acceptance of one another' - even if on the same terms
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Intention: Wilson v Burnett


Social setting - friends - not legally binding

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Intention: Blue v Ashley


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Intention: Merritt v Merritt


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