AQA Sociology A2 - Parsonian Functionalism - Part 2, Social Equlibrium

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1. How do values/beliefs become institutionalised?

  • Via social solidarity and mechanical solidarity.
  • Via socialisation and social equality.
  • Via socialisation and social control.
  • Via social order and value consensus.
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2. Which of these is a type of FORMAL social control?

  • Court of Law
  • Grounding (by Parents)
  • Peer Pressure
  • Truancy

3. What one of these would be classed as "External Motivation"?

  • Motivation
  • Social Order
  • Social Controls
  • Therapy

4. Which of these is a type of INFORMAL social control?

  • Peer Pressure
  • Court of Law
  • The Police
  • Truancy

5. Which of these quotes is attributed to Parsons (relevant to this topic)?

  • "The family is like a personality factory."
  • "The family is the only source of socialisation."
  • "Institutions are the key to social solidarity."
  • "Social equilibrium is at the heart of every society."


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