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2. What is value consensus?

  • A form of oppression described by Marxists.
  • Mutual agreement amongst society about what values to regard as important.
  • Where all institutions in society co-operate towards one central goal/value.
  • A type of survey carried out to determine individual's personal values.

3. How do values/beliefs become institutionalised?

  • Via social solidarity and mechanical solidarity.
  • Via socialisation and social control.
  • Via social order and value consensus.
  • Via socialisation and social equality.

4. Why does society need to have Value Consenus?

  • We don't need it.
  • To allow fair mobility through careers.
  • It acts as a glue to mould us together.
  • It ensures all institutions are interdependent.

5. What does Parsons say about our common values & beliefs?

  • That they are defined at the age of 18.
  • That we have a genuine commitment to them.
  • That we can adjust them/they are flexible.
  • That they are shaped entirely by our own actions.


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