Timeline - key statistics/events for Boer War

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·        1883   -     Religious Paul Kruger as President of Transvaal

·        1886   -     British discover gold in the Transvaal (‘uitlanders’ flood to work)

-          Joseph Chamberlain leaves Liberals

-          Kruger treats British badly (14 year residency to vote, higher taxes, Thomas Edgar murder controversy)

·        1891   -     Failed Jameison Raid revolution

·        1895   -     Joseph Chamberlain (tory) Secretary for the Colonies (until 1903)

·        1896   -     Cecil Rhodes (PM of Cape Colony) resigns (due to JR failure)

-          Daily Mail started by Lord Northcliffe

·        1899   -     Massingham (anti-war editor for Daily Chronicle) resigns

-          October 12th, Invasion begins (20 000 British in Boer area compared to around 40 000 Boers)

-          BLACK WEEK (BULLER)

-           December 10th, Stormberg (British shot down ascending ridge in Orange Free State)

-          December 11th, Magersfontein (British assumed Boers would be on top of hill but had dug trenches at bottom of hill on way to Kimberley)

-          December 15th, Colenso (British attempted to cross Tugela river but surrounded)

·        1900   -     ROBERTS replaced Buller after:

-          January 23-4th, Battle of Spion Kop (British thought they had won but mist cleared to reveal a higher Kop and were surrounded by hidden armed Boers, Boers finally retreated but British held ground before finally retreating, if only the British had stayed longer they would have won)

-          February 27th, Battle of Paardeburg (victory over 4000 Boers)



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