Marxism and Crime #3

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Traditional Marxist Stance

The nature of capatalism is crimonogenic 

Crime exploits the working class so resorting to crime may be the only option 

Capatalism also encourages consumer culture, crime may be a way of obtaining goods e.g. theft

Capatalism ecnourages greed and aggression explaining ruling class crime e.g. tax evasion

The state enforces laws which serves the interests of the capatalist e.g. protection of private property

Reiman found the elite are less likely to be treated as criminals and prosecuted e.g. benefit frauds are demonized 

By creating laws which 'protect the proleteriat' it creates a false conciousness e.g. holidays ALSO selective enforcement of law divides the working class

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Neo Marxism

Agrees with Traditional Marxism although it believes it isnt always an economic driven cause for crime

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