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War and Peace…read more

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War- A time of fighting and conflict.
· Peace- Happiness, when there is no fighting or conflict.
· Justice- What is right and fair according to the law.
· Conflict- When there is no peace or happiness.
· Sanctity of Life- The belief that live is God-given and therefore should not be destroyed.
· Pacifism- The belief of people who refuse to take part in war or any form of violence.
· Quakers- The Society of Friends, a Christian denomination who disagree with violence.
· Just War- A war that is considered to be fair, it is for a good reason.
· Holy War- A war entered in to for religious reasons.
· Refugee- A person forced to flee their own country as they fear their own safety.
· Weapon of Mass Destruction- A weapon capable of killing or maiming many people.
· Nuclear Proliferation- The spread of nuclear weapons.
· Terrorism- Using fear as a weapon.…read more

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Why do people go to war?
· Religious Beliefs- Holy wars.
· Imperialism- Extending a country's power though colonization,
often using military force.
· To fight evil- For example, to stop mass murder or to remove a
· For resources- Fighting over natural resources such as oil.
· Defending your country- Fighting to protect your country, or a
country you are allies with.…read more

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What is a Just War?
· A Just War is a war that is considered to be fair. There are seven
criteria laid out in the Just War Theory:
· Proper Authority- It must be declared by the government, monarch
· Just- Started for a good reason.
· Establish Good- Fought to establish good or fight evil.
· Reasonable Chance of Success- It must be possible to win the
· Last Resort- All other methods of negotiation tried.
· Sufficient Force- only enough force to succeed is used, no more than
· Civilians- No civilians should be involved in the war.…read more

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What is Pacifism?
· The belief that violence against other human beings is wrong.
· Some Christians, particularly Quakers, are pacifists and try to
promote peace.
Pacifism is Great! Sometimes war is necessary...
War causes hatred and suffering It is the lesser of two evils
Sanctity of Life It is done to establish good
War damages the environment and It prevents the suffering of many
uses up valuable resources people, perhaps under unfair leaders
Negotiation or other non-violent It may be the last resort
means can solve disputes…read more

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What help is available for victims of war?
· Red Cross- An organisation that is neutral in all conflicts
allowing it to provide humanitarian aid to victims of war. They
protect soldiers and civilians from unnecessary harm.
· Refugee Council- The refugee council can help people who
have to flee their homes during war by finding them a new home
and providing them with food and shelter.
· Geneva Convention- The Geneva conventions are four
international treaties that set out how civilians and soldiers
should be treated during war.…read more

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