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Discuss psychological theories of the breakdown of romantic relationships (24
marks) 8+16
Breakdown is the failure of holding a romantic relationship together between
the two partners. Duck put forward several reasons as to why relationships
may breakdown. One of those reasons is `Lack of Skills', for example the lack of
interpersonal skills, such as communication; this may leave the relationship
unsatisfying/unrewarding. A second reason to breakdown is `Lack of
Stimulation' this could be boredom or the feeling that the relationship isn't
progressing. The final reason is `Maintenance Difficulties', this is when the
relationship could be strained by practical difficulties, such as distance.
Rollie and Duck put forward a model of relationship breakdown, which
consisted of 6 stages. The first stage was `Breakdown' this is dissatisfaction
with your partner; if this is sufficiently great then it progresses onto the next
stage. `Intrapsychic', this is characterized by social withdrawal and the
disatisfied partner focuses on their partners faults which can cause them to
consider possible alternatives. This leads onto the `Dyadic Process', this is
where the partners talk about their problems and the causes of their
dissatisfaction, however reconliation can take place at this point. If it doesn't
then it precedes onto the fourth stage `Social Processes' this is when the
breakup has been made public, and third parties such as friends and family get
involved for support and advice. Through this alliances are created. The fifth
stage is `Grave-Dressing' here the relationship has come to an end, and an
account of how it came to an end is made. During this stage stories of betrayal
are usually shared, it is likely that different stories are offered to different
listeners and the real version is usually kept to self. The last stage is
`Resurrection' here each partner prepares themselves for future relationships
and intend to avoid the mistakes they had with their previous in order to
prevent another breakup.
Supporting research for Rollie and Ducks model is provided by Tashiro and
Frazer, they used a survey to study undergraduates who had recently
experienced a break up. They reported that they felt emotional distress but
also personal growth. This supports the resurrection process as they reported
resurrection had given then new sights into themselves and clearer idea about
future partners. Therefore the student's responses reflected the stages in

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Rollie and Ducks model. A weakness of this study is that undergraduates were
used as the sample, therefore it would be difficult to generalise the results to
the rest of the population. However a strength is the results reflect real life
evidence about breakdown of a relationship. This is because the experiment
carried out was a natural experiment, meaning there was no manipulating
variable present.…read more


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