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Look back at the description of
Curley's wife in death
How does she appear different to previous

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Whose viewpoint of her to date
had we heard?
(The men's)
How was this different to the reality?

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Note down descriptions of her / things that
she says which lead us to have more
sympathy for her.
Who do we feel sorry for at the end of this
chapter? Sorriest for? Least sorry for?

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In a two column table, list all the positive and negative
things about Curley's wife, including all the things the
men call her through the novel.
Positive Negative

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How are women presented in
the novel?
Hint: Clara and the whore house.
Do we ever hear Steinbeck's view of women?
We don't hear Steinbeck's view of Curley's
wife, only the other men's, until she dies at
the end.


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