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2. What is the volume of an iceberg weighing 2 tonnes (2000kg) and with a density of 920 kg/m3 ?

  • 3.45m3
  • 2.17m3
  • 2 m3
  • 1000m3

3. In waves in deep water, the water particles beneath the waves travel in circles as the wave goes past. For a particle at the surface, at what speed will it move round the circle if the wave height is 2 metres and the wave period is 10 seconds?

  • 63 centimetres per second
  • 1 metre per second
  • 0.1 metre per second
  • 63 metres per second

4. In the Strait of Gibraltar there is also a deep flow of water out of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic. If the surface inflow is 4 Sverdrups and salinity 30, and the bottom outflow is 3 Sverdrups, what must be its salinity to maintain a salt balanc

  • 35
  • 40
  • 30
  • 45

5. The energy in ocean waves depends on the wave height. Which of the following statements is true?

  • The energy depends on the logarithm of the wave height
  • The energy depends on the square of the wave height
  • The energy depends on the square root of the wave height
  • The energy is proportional to the wave height


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