Yr 8 Unit 2: Is Death the end

A short helpful quiz all about beliefs on the afterlife


1. What is a christian view on the afterlife

  • You are in a grave forever
  • We go to Hell if good
  • We go to Heaven if good
  • You do not get resurrected
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2. What is Braham

  • Animal
  • Hindu god
  • Islam god
  • Belief about the afterlife

3. In Day of the Dead candles by houses are to..

  • Light up the street
  • All three
  • Lead the way for the souls
  • Make paths for humans

4. What is a Hindu belief

  • You get reincarnated
  • You get resurrected
  • Nothing happens
  • You have one life

5. What is a near death experience

  • When you experience death but come back to life
  • When you nearly die
  • When you are almost murdered
  • A dream about death


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