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2. at what age did boys have to join the 'little fellows'?

  • 7
  • 9
  • 6
  • 5

3. what was the main purpose of the Nazi style education?

  • to train young people to be good Nazi's and serve the state.
  • so that all young people could use a spade.
  • to teach them to kill as many jews as possible.
  • to teach them to read and write

4. what was similar between the youth groups?

  • groups used live ammunition in the rifle training.
  • exercise
  • exercise, camping, hiking, cooking, teamwork.
  • the jolly roger flag

5. how was the school timetable changed?

  • Hitler ordered the timetable to be erased and for children to learn what they please.
  • 80% PE and other activities.
  • race studies, mein kampf and increased physical activity.
  • it was taught how good the treaty of Versailles was


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