York's return from Ireland in November 1450

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1. Why did York need his loans paid?

  • Somerset had a better house
  • He wanted to rebel
  • Owed by the government and hadn't had his wage paid
  • He was trying to raise an army
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2. Did York want to take the throne?

  • No
  • Yes

3. What did York say about the king's councillors?

  • They should overthrow the king
  • They were better than Henry VI
  • They were evil
  • They needed to be executed

4. Why did York wish to protect his position?

  • Thought he was the rightful heir
  • He had placed a lot of money on his position

5. Why did York want to clear his name?

  • People thought that he was behind Cade's Rebellion
  • Henry VI believed he was a murderer
  • Because Somerset hated him
  • To gain the throne


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