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2. When was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan and how many people did it kill?

  • August 6th 1945, 90,000
  • August 9th 1945
  • August 6th, 166,000 people
  • August 6th, a lot of people

3. How was the Treaty of Versailles unfair on Germany?

  • Restricting Germany's army thus Germany not being able to protect itself
  • It forced Germany to pay huge reperations, made them accept the blame for starting World War 1, restricted the German army to 100,000 men, no conscription, no submarines or aeroplanes and took land away from Germany such as the Sudetenland
  • Because of the reparations Germany had to pay the German economy suffered resulting in the german people suffering

4. When did Japan surrender to US General Douglass MacArthur?

  • I don't know
  • September 1945
  • September 2nd 1945
  • 1945

5. When did Germany surrender to the Allies?

  • September 2nd 1945
  • May 7th 1944
  • 1945
  • May 7th 1945
  • May 1945


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