Leaders + Prophets of the Old Testament

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What is the role of a king?
To protect and rule over his kingdom. To fight battles for his/her people
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What is the role of a priest?
To sacrifice to God and pray for the people
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What is the role of a prophet?
To tell the people what God says
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What is God's covenant with Isreal?
Great land, great people, great blessings
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What was God's promises to Abraham? What book?
Great land, great people, great blessings. Genesis
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What did God order Abraham to do to test his faith? What book?
Sacrifice his son Isaac. Genesis
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What did Moses' mother do to save him at Exodus 2:3?
She put him in a papyrus basket and sent him down the Nile to safety
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Who drew Moses out of the water in verses 5-6?
Pharaoh's daughter
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What did Moses do which meant the Pharaoh wanted to kill him?
He killed an Egyptian who was whipping an Israelite, which made Moses angry.
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What did Moses do after he found out Pharaoh wanted to kill him?
He fled to Midian, where he married Zipporah and gained a son, Gershom
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What did God make Moses do before approaching the bush He was in, and why?
He made Moses remove his sandals, as the land he was standing on was holy and Moses could be killed for standing on holy ground
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Why did God introduce himself as the 'God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob'?
To show, and remind Moses, that he is keeping the Covenant with Abraham
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What is God planning to use Moses to do?
Bring the Israelites out of Egypt, bring them to the Promised Land, and restore their faith in God
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What is the significance of the burning bush?
In other parts of the Old Testament, God's judgement is described as a 'consuming fire', but this fire does not consume- representing the fire of mercy.
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What is the first thing David does wrong in Samuel 2 chapter 11?
David sends his army out to besiege a city and fight battles, but he stays in Jerusalem, when he should be fighting with them
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How did Dvid first see Bathsheba, and what was the problem?
He saw Bathsheba bathing and thought she was very beautiful, but she was married.
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What was the second bad thing David did?
He sent a messenger to get Bathsheba and slept with her. She became pregnant
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How did David attempt to solve this problem?
He sent for Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba's husband, from the military campaign, and sent him home to his wife
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Why did David attempt to send Uriah home?
He sent him home hoping that he would sleep with Bathsheba, so that he could make it look like the baby was Uriah's
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Why did this plan to send Uriah home fail?
Uriah camped out on the steps of the palace, saying it was not fair for him to go home and make love to his wife while his fellow soldiers slept out in the open
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What did David do after further attempts to make Uriah go home?
He gave orders for Uriah to be sent to the front of the fighting, then for the other soldiers to withdraw so that Uriah would die
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Did this final plan work, and what happened after?
It worked. After Bathsheba's mourning period was over, he took her as his wife and she gave birth to a son
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Was David God's perfect king?
He seemed promising, until he met Bathsheba. This proves he was not God's perfect king, because he sinned
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Was Solomon starting as a good king?
Yes, he was following the orders of his father, David, in following God
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What did Solomon ask for when God said he would grant him any wish?
Solomon asked for wisdom and a discerning heart in administering justice
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What else did God say he would give Solomon because he asked for wisdom?
He said he would give him wealth and honour
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How did Solomon show his wisdom?
He first showed his wisdom when two mothers came, saying that one baby had died of their two, and the other had switched their babies and the living baby was theirs. They argued
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What did Solomon do?
He gave an order to cut the baby in half and share it between the two women. One cried out 'No, my lord! Give her the living baby! Do not kill him' While the other agreed with cutting the baby in half.
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After this, what did Solomon do with the baby?
He gave the baby to the one who had cried out, as what she had said proved she was the baby's mother
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What parable does Nathan tell?
he tells a story of a traveller coming to a rich man, who had a lot of livestock. The man instead took the much- loved ewe lamb of a poor man to make a meal for the traveller.
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How did David feel upon hearing this parable?
He felt angry, determined that the rich man should pay for the lamb sevenfold
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What did Nathan say at David's anger?
He said that David was the rich man! This was because he took Bathsheba to be his wife from Uriah, who only had Bathsheba, while he had hundreds of wives and a lot of wealth
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What was David's punishment?
All of his wives would be given to someone close to David, and his son would die
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What is Elijah's challenge to Baal's prophets?
They must both set up an altar, but not light it. Then they must pray to their various gods. The god who lights up the altar is the true god
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How do Baal's prophets fare?
They fail the challenge miserably.
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What does Elijah do to make his challenge more difficult for him?
He soaks the altar in water
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What does Elijah do after soaking the altar?
He prays to God that he may light the altar. God's fire falls from the heavens
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How do the people react?
They shout 'God is the Lord!', fully believing again
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After this, what did Elijah do to the prophets of Baal?
He had them killed
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How does Jezebel react?
She threatens to kill Elijah
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Where does Elijah flee?
He flees away from the city out into the wilderness
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What does God pass Elijah in?
Not in the gale, or fire, or earthquake, but the gentle whisper- suggesting god's power and mercy
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What is the role of a priest?


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What is God's covenant with Isreal?


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