Xylem and Phloem

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1. what is the job of the Phloem

  • it moves food substances that the plant has made by photosynthesis to where they are needed.
  • it transports vitamins to the plant through the stem so that the plant can flurish
  • it moves water throughout the plant
  • it is what the plant lives off
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2. what does Xylem look like?

  • a tube with swirls around the inside
  • a rectangle
  • a tube filled with air particles
  • a fat square with an empty space
  • a line of DNA

3. what is lignin?

  • something that lines the xylem vessels, providing strength and support
  • a material that makes the Xylem vessel hollow
  • a mineral that helps Xylem move
  • a chemical taken in from the roots of the plant

4. what is the function of the Xylem

  • carries signals to the plant
  • transports water up the plant and into the leaves.
  • provides food
  • transports minerals to the stem

5. What are sieve tubes?

  • they are not specialist cells but they are very common and important to the plant
  • they are used for absorbing water through the leaves when it rains
  • they are used for transport and have no nuclei
  • they are important for plant growth


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