Wyatt's Rebellion

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Who was Sir Thomas Wyatt?
Member of a wealthy family from Kent. Committed Protestant. Favour with the Edwardian regime. Trusted by Northumnberland, represent England with France in 1550. Didn't support Mary after her marriage.
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When was the Wyatt Rebellion?
End of January 1554.
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Why was there a Rebellion?
Anti-Spanish feelings. Feared the growing Spanish influence at Court would endanger their own careers.
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Who was the Rebellion lead by?
Sir James Croft, Sir Peter Carew and Wyatt.
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What did the conspirators plan to do?
Marry Elizabeth to Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon who had been rejected by Mary.
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What was the plan?
For simultaneous rebellions in the West Country (Carew), the Welsh borderland (Croft), the Midlands (Suffolk, father of Lady Jane Grey) and Kent (Wyatt). Supported by a French fleet.
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Why did the plan fail?
Because Carew, Croft and the Duke of Suffolked bungled the uprisings. Wyatt succeeded in raising 3000 men in Kent- causing real fear for the government, rebels were so close to London.
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How was the Kent uprising made worse?
Number of royal trroops deserted to the rebels.
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An overly cautious Wyatt failed to press home his advantage and his delay in marching on London gave mary the time she needed to get capital defence. What else did she do?
She refused to flee her capital. Her courage impressed those whom she called on to support her regime.
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Wyatt arrived at the gates-doomed. Repulsed at London Bridge, troops began deserting. What happened?
Wyatt and Suffolk executed. Most of the rebels pardoned but fewer than a hundred executions.
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Evaluating the failure of the Wyatt Rebellion
Owed to Mary's resolute courage as it did to rebels mistakes.
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Spanish marriage went ahead. 1555- rise in anti-Spanish feelings, mounting opposition to the religious persecution, loss of Calais (England's last foreign possesion)- died 1558.
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When was the Wyatt Rebellion?


End of January 1554.

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Why was there a Rebellion?


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Who was the Rebellion lead by?


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What did the conspirators plan to do?


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