Wuthering Heights [Volume One]

Questions on Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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1. Why has Lockwood come to stay at Thrushcross Grange?

  • He is a disant relative of Heathcliff
  • He was jilted by a lover
  • He ran away from a relationship
  • He is writing a book about Yorkshire
  • He needs fresh air after an illness
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2. What mistakes does Lockwood make about the relationsips of the residents of Wuthering Heights?

  • He thinks Hareton and Cathy are cousins
  • He thinks Joseph and Heathcliff are brothers
  • He thinks Heathcliff is Cathy's father
  • He thinks Cathy and Heathcliff are married
  • He thinks Zillah is Hareton's mother

3. Which three names does Lockwood find on a windowsill at Wuthering Heights?

  • Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heathcliff, Catherine Linton
  • Heathcliff, Linton, Earnshaw
  • Hareton, Cathy, Joseph
  • Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar
  • Isabella Linton, Isabella Earnshaw, Isabella Heathcliff

4. Where is Heathcliff found, and by whom?

  • Liverpool, by Mr Earnshaw
  • Manchester, by Joseph
  • York, by Catherine
  • Liverpool, by Nelly Dean
  • Manchester, by Mr Earnshaw

5. What does Isabella compare Heathcliff to?

  • Hindley
  • A fortune teller's son
  • A rat in the cellar
  • A chimney sweep
  • A wild, rabid dog




A good revision tool, particularly if you are revising in pairs or groups and the questions can be added to or explored in more detail during revision sessions.

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