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Mr Heathcliff and I are...
such a suitable pair
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Unluckily it was...
a heap of dead rabbits
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Sincerely hope she would prove...
a regular gossip
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Cathy, who was too...
mischievous and wayward for a favourite
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No one could see Catherine Linton...
and not love her
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Uncomplaining as a...
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I am never happier...
than sitting in the chamber of death
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As our Miss Cathy is of us...
I mean, of the Lintons
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He bred...
bad feeling in the house
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To you I've made myself...
worse than a devil
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If I don't floor him now...
I shall murder him sometime
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eyes full of black...
fire, but it was subdued
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Were you not ashamed...
to disturb the dead?
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By the time Linton gets to us...
he'll not know which is which
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Excessive slant of...
a few stunted firs
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Carpeted with...
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What in the name of all that feels...
has he to do with books, when I am dying
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I resumed my station...
as a spy. I intended shattering their great glass panes unless they let her out
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Two heavy monsters...
flew at my throat
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Catherine's face was just like the landscape...
shadows and sunshine flitted over it in rapid succession
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My love for Heathcliff resembles...
the eternal rocks beneath - a source of little daylight, but necessary. Nelly, I am Heathcliff
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Proceeded to rub it to and fro...
'till the blood ran down and soaked the bed-cloths
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All sinners would...
be miserable in heaven
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Half-civilised ferocity...
lurked yet in the depressed brows
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Terror made...
me cruel
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Is he a ghoul...
or a vampire?
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I know that ghosts...
have wandered on earth
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You said I had killed you...
haunt me then!
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Last night I was...
on the threshold of hell
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She has blood...
on her lips
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It would degrade...
me to marry Heathcliff
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God won't have the...
satisfaction I shall
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We've braved its ghosts often together...
and dared each other to stand among the graves and ask them to come
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I have no more business to marry...
Edgar Linton than I have to be in heaven
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Wished earnestly to see her bring...
honour to the family by an alliance with the Lintons
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I whispered to Catherine that she mustn't...
on any account accede the proposal; it was entirely out of the question
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Picturing in me a...
hero of romance
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He's not a rough diamond - a pear-containing oyster of a rustic...
he's a fierce, pitiless, wolfish man
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He had grown a tall...
athletic, well formed man with an erect and handsome figure
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Unquiet slumbers...
for the sleepers in that quiet earth
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I shall never be there...
but once more when I die
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But the country folks...
if you asked them, would swear on the Bible that he walks
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She's her brothers...
heir is she not?
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I desire their union...
and am resolved to bring it about
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I want the triumph of seeing...
me descendant family lord of their estate
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My children hiring their children...
to tend their fathers land for wages
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But did it never strike you...
that if Heathcliff and I married we would be beggars
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Nelly make me decent...
I'm going to be good
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I cannot live...
Without my life... I cannot live without my soul
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Sullen patient child...
hardened, perhaps, to ill-treatment
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I shall not stand to be...
laughed at, I shall not bear it!
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Twenty years I've been...
a waif for twenty years
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heaven did not seem...
to be my home
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My fingers closed on the...
fingers of a little, ice-cold hand
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But where did he come from...
the little dark thing
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His treatment of the latter...
was enough to make a fiend of a saint
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He possessed the power to depart as much...
as a cat possesses the power to leave a mouse half eaten
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I dread sleep...
my dreams appal me
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She was much too...
fond of Heathcliff
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The air swarmed...
with Catherines
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