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Leontes Wooing quote
paddling palms and pinching fingers
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Hermione wooing quote
I may not verily, verily!
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Polixenes parental
my sworn friend, my mirth, my matter
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Leontes jealously
let what is dear in sicily be cheap
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Leontes jealousy paranoia
so it is, it is not
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Leontes cuckoldry
your eye glass is thicker than a cuckolds horn
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Leontes marriage
my wife is nothing, nor nothing have these nothings,if this be nothing
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Leontes jealousy over Polixenes
he who wears her like a medal
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Leontes objectification of women
as ornaments oft does, too dangerous
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Pastoral Camillo
which cannot but choose to branch now
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Comedy Leontes
tongue-tied our queen
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Courtly Love Leontes
three crabbed months
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Leontes parental
art thou my calf
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Leontes universal gender issues
they false as o'er d'yd blacks
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Leontes social class gender issues
as rank as any flax wench
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Hermione purity
you were pretty lordings then
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Leontes sexual innuendo
Still virginalling upon his palm
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Hermione wooing quote


I may not verily, verily!

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Polixenes parental


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Leontes jealously


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Leontes jealousy paranoia


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