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2 irreducible funtions: sociolisation and Stablelisation of adult personalities
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equality: equal pay act and sex discrimination
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ideological function
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separatism and baby strike
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Delphy and Leonard
emotional supports
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safety vale, ‘taker of ****’
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LPF = dependency culture, cant socialise kids
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Dennis and Erdos
families without father
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John Redwood
2 parent and kids
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choice and risk
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Ronald Fletcher (functionalist)
state help family perform function effectively e.g. NHS
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Charles Murray (new right)
undermine the family e.g. benefits
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Diana Leonard (feminist)
maternity leave reinforce patriarchy (woman to care)
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policy serve capitalism (pension ‘maintained w/c at lowest cost)
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Jacque Donzelot
Policing families, state power (state orders through the courts)
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Conservative policies
child support, back to basic, family law act
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Labour policies
new deal, sure start, supporting families, civil partnership
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New Right and family diversity
LPF ‘unnatural’ cant socialise children
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Robert Chester
nuclear family dominate ‘neo-conventional’
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David Morgan
Family practices - family as ‘what people do’
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David Cheal
have more choice over the type of family we create, families plural.
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Antony Giddens
more equality between men and women, conception
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Judith Stacey
‘divorce-extended’; benefits women
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5x of diversity; organisational, cultural, life cycle, ethnical and
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Duncombe and mardsen
triple shift - emotional work
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dual burden; paid work and housework
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Ann Oakley
family not symmetrical men do 25% caring
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Young and Wilmott
symmetrical family; shared roles and leisure activities
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joint account more equality between couples
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decision making women make the 'none decision' and man make the big decision e.g. moving house
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lesbian couples more equal no gender matching to roles
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Man-Yee Kan
younger and more educated women do less housework
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Dobash and Dobash
patriarchal societies - men have a 'right' to 'discipline' their wives; agree by radical feminist cause domestic violence
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stress on family members caused by social inequality cause domestic violence
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on average a women suffers 35 cases of abuse before reporting it
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Giddens and divorce, marriage
confluent love
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Kiernan and Muller
the lower social class someone is the more likely they are to divorce
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Beck and beck Gernsheim
individualisation: people are liberated from the restriction society places on their behaviour. A higher values is placed on self expression and individual fulfilment. High divorce rates are a result of this.
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Crockett and tripp
normalisation of divorce
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women are more disillusioned with their marriage
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Nick lee
in the 21st century, childhood has become unstable and more grown up
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children were seen as 'little adults' in the 16th century; treated as grown ups (dress , eat, talk like grown ups)
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disappearance of childhood because of the media, no control over what they see (no print media)
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childhood = distinct life stage to adulthood
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age patriarchy: children's are kept subordinate. Adults have control over children's time, space and bodies
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toxic childhood: rapid technological and cultural change are damaging to children's development
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children are seen as the opposite to adults with the right to happiness
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Birth definition
the number of births per thousand of the population
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Reason for the decrease in birth rate
women's independence, child centred family, contraception, easy access to divorce, decrease in IMR
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Impact of the decrease in birth rate
smaller family size, child centredness, beanpole family, decrease in TFR, dependency ratio
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Reason for the decrease in death rate
medical improvements, better nutrition, public health improvements, improved sewage and better ventilated homes
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Impact of the decrease in death rate
beanpole families, welfare state, stain on NHS, decease in IMR dependency ratio, ageing population
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Migration key words
immigration, emigration, net movement, push and pull factors, welfare state, population growth, demography, multiculturalism, economic migration
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equality: equal pay act and sex discrimination


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ideological function


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separatism and baby strike


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