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2. When was the Kornilov Affair?

  • September 1917
  • August 1917
  • July 1917
  • October 1917

3. What were Keresky's political leanings?

  • socialist
  • left-wing and supporter of the Bolsheviks
  • right-wing, sympathised with the Rightists
  • supported the Nationalists

4. Who was General Kornilov?

  • Commander in Chief of the army
  • a servant to the Tsar
  • a member of the Provisional Government
  • a peasant

5. What was Guchkov's role and political leanings?

  • Minister of War, was an Octobrist
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, favoured constitutional monarchy and led the Kadets
  • leader, socialist and supporter of the Tsar


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