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2. By how much did Bolshevik membership increase after the Kornilov Affair?

  • 128%
  • 119%
  • 164%
  • 153%

3. Who was General Kornilov?

  • a peasant
  • Commander in Chief of the army
  • a member of the Provisional Government
  • a servant to the Tsar

4. What were the Provisional Government's demands?

  • universal suffrage, amnesty for all prisoners, freedom of speech, to form trade unions, and to hold meetings
  • amnesty for political prisoners, universal suffrage, freedom of speech, of the press, to form trade unions, to hold meetings and to strike
  • suffrage for nobles only, amnesty for political prisoners, freedom of speech, of the press, to form trade unions and to strike

5. How many soldiers died in the Battle of Tannenburg?

  • 900,000
  • 450,000
  • 300,000
  • 670,000


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