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2. Why didn't France do anyhting when they thought Germany was doing Wrong

  • Britain thought that germany wasn't doing anything wrong
  • France were lazy
  • Germany bribed them into doing nothing
  • France couldn't be bothered

3. the Western Theatre included what 4 countries?

  • Chad, Italy, Thiland
  • France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands
  • Finland, Singapoore, Australia
  • Holland, China, Norway

4. What was dropped on Japan in 1945

  • Heads
  • Atom Bombs
  • bananas
  • coconuts

5. Hitler promised to revers what treaty? & to rebuild what country?

  • The Treat of dirt & to rebuild Brazil
  • The Treat of Versailles & to rebuild Germany
  • The Treat of coco & to rebuild madagascar
  • The Treat of the King & to rebuild China


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