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When are aid programmes most effective?
When they are integrated into national development strategies. (India)
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What fraction of the world's poorest people live in India?
One third.
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Why is the continued provision of aid controversial?
There is a moral argument for aid based on the proven returns from interventions to combat poverty, withdrawing aid will only affect the most vulnerable of Indians, the Indian government is corrupt (but better than other who receive aid).
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What do some argue UK aid is?
A 'Trojan horse' for neo-colonialists, but the UK only contributes 0.028% of the economy, aid is only used to build relationships with Indian businesses.
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Why should India stop receiving aid?
India's GDP is expected to outstrip the UK's by 2022 so they should start solving their own problems, and they invest a lot in arguably unnecessary projects such as the space programme. India now gives more aid than it receives.
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Why is aid not as useful as it could be in India?
The corruption of aid money is a huge problem and aid is spent on infrastructure such as school and hospitals but not increasing parents' income so they can send children to school.
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How much money given towards a national flagship education programme was squandered through corruption and theft?
£70 million of the £388 million given by the UK.
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How can the space programme contribute to development?
It can improve agricultural monitoring and strengthen communication.
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What rank did India receive in the Transparency International Ranks?
87 out of 178.
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How does the National Rural Livelihoods Project work?
Women from the poorest household are encouraged to form self-help groups, they collect savings and decide who needs the most support, then ask for funding from the government.
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How many rural households are in absolute poverty in India?
45 million.
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How much have members collectively saved in the NRLP?
13.5 million households have been mobilised into 1.2 million community institutions and have collectively saved $1 billion.
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How have people benefitted from the NRLP?
Farmers get 20-30% higher prices through collective marketing and improved techniques, in Bihar households own 12.5% more land, in Madhya Pradesh there was a 65% increase in net income, women are empowered, better access to government support/pension
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Give an example of empowered women.
Women in Bhusia Village complained to labourers about an unfinished drainage scheme.
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How much has the World Bank invested since 1999?
$1.5 billion in 7 states, and $7 billion has been added by commercial banks and the government.
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What fraction of the world's poorest people live in India?


One third.

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Why is the continued provision of aid controversial?


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What do some argue UK aid is?


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Why should India stop receiving aid?


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