Unit 1: World at Risk (partI)

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1. Why does California suffer from droughts?

  • Dry, sinking air causes no rain
  • All listed
  • La Nina causes cooler surface water so less evaporation can take place
  • High air pressure
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2. What are the types of risk management strategies?

  • All listed
  • Preparedness
  • Prediction
  • Prevention

3. What happens at a Destructive plate boundary?

  • 2 plate move past each other
  • 2 plates move together
  • 2 plates move apart

4. What is Global Warming?

  • Sea level rise
  • Recent increase in average global temp
  • Ice caps melting

5. What are Hydrometeorological Hazards?

  • Atmospheric or Oceanic hazards
  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Oceanic hazards
  • Human enduced hazards


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