Unit 1: World at risk (part II)

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1. What is Short-term climate change NOT an example of?

  • The overall pattern of climate over the last century
  • Climate changes that we can only monitor for a short period of time
  • Data collected from the last 100 years
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2. Which ONE of these is a Mitigaton strategy?

  • Improved risk assessment
  • Modified agricultural methods
  • Flood adaptations
  • Water resource management

3. Which of these is NOT an impact of climate change on Africa?

  • Dryer conditions encourage anticyclones
  • Warmer conditions become perfect for mosquitoes
  • Desertification of fertile land
  • Decrease in agricultural production

4. What is the Earth's biggest carbon sink?

  • Oceans
  • Trees
  • Permafrost

5. What is Long-term climate change NOT an example of?

  • Cold glacial periods & warmer interglacial periods
  • Data collected over the last 400,000 years
  • Long-term affects to Earth's atmosphere
  • Huge changes over Earth's history


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