Unit 1: World at risk (part II)

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1. Which of these is NOT an impact of climate change on Africa?

  • Decrease in agricultural production
  • Warmer conditions become perfect for mosquitoes
  • Dryer conditions encourage anticyclones
  • Desertification of fertile land
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2. What ecological impacts does global warming have on the Arctic?

  • All listed
  • Sensitive ecosystems lost
  • Habitats reduced
  • Diversity of water species increases

3. What is Permafrost?

  • Ground frost that is extremely difficult to thaw
  • Ground that is permantently frozen for 2 or more years
  • Frost that clings to metal, like pipes

4. What is Medium-term climate change?

  • Climate data that can only be half collected
  • Warming of Earth's climate, that's not constant
  • Affects to the Earth that may last several years

5. Tipping Point is a slight change in temperature that would cause catastrophic & irreversible changes to the environment

  • True
  • False


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