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2. what is the episodic buffer?

  • integrates the two slave systems and allows new STM info to be integrated with LTM
  • the part of the mind capable of integrating all the slave systems and allocating roles
  • the 'mental hands'
  • the 'mind's eye' and 'voice'

3. What year was the Multi store Memory model made?

  • 1988
  • 2000
  • 1968
  • 1974

4. who was responsible for the evidence against visuospatial sketchpad?

  • Logie
  • Salame and Baddeley
  • Hue and Ericsson
  • Jones, Macken and Nicholls

5. what was the evidence for the episodic buffer?

  • no effect was found when audio presented words were remembered and then interfered with by audio
  • unfamiliar Chinese symbols could be remembered and recalled later on
  • found that phonetically similar words were more difficult to remember than phonetically different words due to novel episodic memories being created
  • visually printed numbers to be remembered were less likely to be remembered if there was conflicting audio that sounded like numbers


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