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2. Who, and how was the 'word identification span' explained?

  • Rayner et al.: 7 letters to right of fixation - 3 letters to left for alphabetic scripts
  • Kelidi et al.: no one cares
  • Matthews et al.: 3 letters to right of fixation - 7 to right for alphabetic scripts
  • Lincoln: 4 letters to each side of fixation

3. What did Forster's model consist of?

  • Compare two at a time, non-words = found better than real words
  • Compare one at a time, if it is non-word = not found. Match found faster for high-frequency word
  • Compare three in a row, words are found easier if low frequency

4. What is the measure: eye fixation (tracker)?

  • When u stare at Prince Harry for too long
  • Slow reading, watch how words are organised
  • Eyes jump in small fixations, 8/9 characters, jump to big word in the middle
  • Forget all big words, eyes move too quickly, 10 characters at a time

5. The perceptual span refers to the angular span to which the human eye has sharp enough vision to read text. How far does visual field of human eye span?

  • approx. 90 degrees of arc
  • approx. 120 degrees of arc
  • approx. 150 degrees of arc
  • approx. 360 BABY


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