Word Classification, Grammar and nuts and bolts of our language.

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1. Referencing- Cataphoric

  • an overt reference to something that occurred earlier in a text, often by using pronouns to build upon previous sentences
  • an overt reference to something that occurs later on in a text, for example by using the ambiguous pronoun ‘it’ before the audience is aware of what this pronoun represents
  • making a reference to things beyond the language of a text itself
  • referencing an element from within the text itself
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2. exclamatory sentence mood

  • when a sentence is asking a question.
  • when a sentence conveys a strong sense of emotion, sense of alarm or overly strong emphasis.
  • when a sentence is issuing a command
  • when a sentence is making a statement.

3. Present tense

  • I have been eating
  • I eat
  • I am eating
  • I have eaten

4. Irregular verb

  • When the subject is the recipient of the verb.
  • a verb that changes form unusually when used in a different tense without the usual or ‘regular’ patterns
  • When the subject of the sentence carries out the verb.
  • Changing the form of the verb from its root form.

5. Colloquialism

  • A word formed by initials from other grouped words.
  • Informal language usage.
  • Newly invented words from merging two words together.
  • Shortening long words.


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