Word Classification, Grammar and nuts and bolts of our language.

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1. Hyponym

  • alternative word choice which has the same meaning.
  • Where a word can be used as an 'umbrella term' for more words.
  • When a sentence is issuing a command
  • naming word for an idea, concept, state of being or belief.
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2. Compound words.

  • A word created by utilising two existing words separated by a hyphen.
  • The syntax structure.
  • A word formed by initials from other grouped words.
  • Adverb suggesting something is done in a certain way.

3. Passive voice

  • changing the form of the verb from its root form
  • When the subject is a recipient of the verb.
  • When the subject of the sentence carries out the verb
  • a verb that changes form unusually when used in a different tense without the usual or ‘regular’ patterns..

4. intensifiers

  • the effect simple sentences have.
  • words, usually adverbs which are designed to intensify the emotional content of a phrase.
  • two or more syllable words
  • adverbs

5. Compound sentences

  • a sentence that is incomplete by missing a subject or a verb, yet it still is capped with a full stop
  • a simple sentence with an added clause that somehow adds extra information linked by a subordinating conjunction.
  • two simple sentences (of equal semantic weighting) joined by a co-ordinating conjunction (or a semi-colon where the co-ordinating conjunction would have been).
  • every sentence must contain a subject (a noun or pronoun), a verb (something for the subject to do) and, perhaps, an object (something for the subject to do something to), e.g. I love English Language


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