Word Classification, Grammar and nuts and bolts of our language.

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1. Proper Noun

  • a naming word for the grouping of common nouns
  • a naming word for a specific example of a common noun
  • a naming word for an idea, concept, state of being or belief
  • a naming word for a thing that is tangible
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2. Future continuous tense

  • I will eat
  • I will have eaten
  • I will be eating
  • I am going to eat

3. Semantics

  • the mixture of long and short syntactic structures for effect.
  • the meaning of words, or any discussion of word meaning
  • an alternative word choice that has the same or a very similar meaning
  • an adjective that displays the most extreme value of its quality

4. Register

  • a verb that changes form unusually when used in a different tense without the usual or ‘regular’ patterns
  • the level of formality of a text.
  • When the subject is the recipient of the verb
  • the way words form sentences

5. interrogative sentence mood

  • when a sentence conveys a strong sense of emotion, sense of alarm or overly strong emphasis.
  • when a sentence is issuing a command
  • when a sentence is asking a question.
  • when a sentence is asking a question.


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