Word Classification, Grammar and nuts and bolts of our language.

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1. Comparative

  • An adjective that relates one thing to another in some way and usually ends in 'er'
  • Adjective that displays the most extreme value of its quality usually ending in 'est'.
  • An alternative word choice that has the same or very similar meaning.
  • The syntax structure.
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2. Stative verb

  • A word that represents a process that is often only mental.
  • When the subject is the recipient of the verb.
  • When the subject of the sentence carries out the verb
  • Changing the form of the verb from its root form.

3. Adverbial of manner

  • An adjective that relates one thing to another.
  • Associations we get from certain words.
  • Adverb which suggests something is done in a certain way.
  • Informal language use

4. Gerund.

  • Construct of written language.
  • Words with two syllables.
  • When a present participle with the 'ing' suffix is used as a noun.
  • The naming word given to anything tangible.

5. syntactic variance

  • the mixture of long and short syntactic structures for effect.
  • the way words form sentences (the ordering of them to create meaning).
  • the tone of voice, or the relationship between author and reader and how it is created.
  • can be ‘right’ or ‘left’. When a clause utilises a pronoun it makes sense, but dislocation can occur for further clarification and other effects by adding seemingly unnecessary nouns at either side of the clause.


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