Word Classification, Grammar and nuts and bolts of our language.

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1. Subordinating conjunction

  • A word that joins clauses in a complex sentence.
  • A word that joins clauses in a compound sentence.
  • Adjective that displays the most extreme value of its quality usually ending in 'est'.
  • Usage of informal language.
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2. Indefinite Article

  • What we label elements at the beginning of a sentence
  • THE
  • A or AN
  • Words of one syllable

3. morpheme

  • changing words into different forms
  • the smallest unit of grammatical meaning in language
  • "pigs"
  • construct of written language

4. Simple sentence/ independent main clause

  • every sentence must contain a subject (a noun or pronoun), a verb (something for the subject to do) and, perhaps, an object (something for the subject to do something to), e.g. I love English Language
  • – a sentence that is incomplete by missing a subject or a verb, yet it still is capped with a full stop
  • two simple sentences (of equal semantic weighting) joined by a co-ordinating conjunction
  • a simple sentence with an added clause that somehow adds extra information (although of lesser importance semantically than the independent main clause) linked by a subordinating conjunction.

5. Present participle

  • him, her, he, she, it, and the third person plural: they
  • when the verb is in the present tense used with the auxiliary verb ‘am’ or ‘are’
  • I, and the first person plural: we, our, us
  • present tense


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