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Happiness, Anger, Unity
Abstract Noun- Feelings
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Jelly, Anorak, Rocks
Concrete Noun- Things
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London, Tony Blair, Christmas
Proper Noun- Places, People, Times
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I, Me, He, She, We, They
Personal Pronouns
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My, Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Theirs, It's
Possessive Pronoun
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Blue, Steel, Six, Awful, Excitement
Adjectives- Provide additional information about nouns
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Quickly, Viciously
Adverb of Manner- How something is done
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Then, Now, Yesterday
Adverb of Time- When something is done
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Here, Everywhere
Adverb of Place- Where something is done
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and, then, but; so, although, despite, because, that, which, who, where, when, if, since, while, unless, until, so that, as if
Conjunctions- Join phrases together within a sentance
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In, On, Between, Against, Over, Under
Prepositions- Define positions and relationships
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She Kicked Him
Dynamic Verb- Indicate action/ Mental or physical state.
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Feel, Recognise, Has, Appreciate
Stative Verb- Describes state rather than emotion. Thoughts, emotions and relationhsips
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Does, Haven't, Is- Does Sam write all his own reports?
Auxiliary Verb- Works with main verb to show the tense of the sentence or helps to form a negative question.
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Can, Could, Will, Would, Have to, May, Might,
Modal Auxiliary Verb- Creates possibility, ability, obligation or permission
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Card 2


Concrete Noun- Things


Jelly, Anorak, Rocks

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Proper Noun- Places, People, Times


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Personal Pronouns


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Possessive Pronoun


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