Women's Rights in Islam

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"wives if the Prophet... Obey God and His Messenger"
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"God has preferred bounty in one of them over another"
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Sayid Qutb 1980
Man is equivalent to the wife in marriage
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Parvez 1979
Camaraderie (rafaqat) between husband and wife
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Woman stoned to death 2010
sakineh ashtiani, Iran
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Aisha, married to the prophet by her father aged
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What does 'talig' mean?
"You are divorced from me"
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How does a woman file for divorce?
Sharia court, proven reasons
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Lubna Hussein 2009
40 lashes for wearing trousers deviating from the religious standards
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Women as an agent of divine support
Khadija, first Muslim, "wrap me in garments! Wrap me in garments!" 6:60:448
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The purpose of the veil
To be recognised and not annoyed when abroad
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Women as interpreters of revelation
Aisha, menstruation all permitted bar sexual intercourse
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Abu Bakr reported that the Prophet said...
"Those who entrusted their affairs to a woman/women shall not prosper"
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Al Ghazali 12th C, Schools of Law are for:
Success in this life and the hereafter
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Ibn Khaldun 14th C requires the...
essential rights for all members of the community
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The categories of law...
Equal, Equivalent, Differentiated
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Complementarity law...
Equally rewarded and punished by God, different but equal in society
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in the right to life, unity of human origin, matter of creation
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"Righteous women are therefore obedient..."
"...those you fear may be rebellious... banish them to their couches and beat them"
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"God has preferred bounty in one of them over another"



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Sayid Qutb 1980


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Parvez 1979


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Woman stoned to death 2010


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