Women's Rights in Islam

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1. Ibn Khaldun 14th C requires the...

  • essential rights that are different for man and woman
  • essential rights for all members of the community
  • essential rights that are complementary for man and woman
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2. Sayid Qutb 1980

  • The man and wife provide in different ways and are complimentary
  • Man is equivalent to the wife in marriage
  • The man is superior in marriage because he provides for her

3. Lubna Hussein 2009

  • 40 lashes for wearing trousers deviating from the religious standards
  • Avoided lashes by being part of the UN
  • Was not following the regulations of the Sudanese laws

4. The purpose of the veil

  • For modesty
  • To be recognised and not annoyed when abroad
  • Because men cannot control themselves

5. How does a woman file for divorce?

  • Sharia court, proven reasons
  • Sharia court
  • File for divorce


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