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2. Al Ghazali 12th C, Schools of Law are for:

  • Preservation of essential rights
  • Success in this life and the hereafter
  • Interpreting divine scripture

3. Women as an agent of divine support

  • Khadija, first Muslim, "wrap me in garments! Wrap me in garments!" 6:60:448
  • Khadija a business woman enabled Muhammad to follow his prophecy
  • Khadijas belief in Muhammad

4. "God has preferred bounty in one of them over another"

  • 33:33-32
  • 4:34
  • 3:43

5. "Righteous women are therefore obedient..."

  • "...those you fear may be rebellious... banish them to their couches and beat them"
  • "...beat the rebellious"
  • "...banish them and beat them"


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