WJEC Geography Theme 3 Definitions +

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Import Duty
A tax placed on goods brought into a country to make them more expensive
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The purchase of goods from another country
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Indirect benefits
An advantage that has come about as a result of the investment by a business
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Informal Sector
The sector of the economy that includes many types of irregular jobs and types of works like chores, childcare and studying
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The complex patterns of trade, communication and aid which link different countries together
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Key services
The way in which ecosystems provide benefits for people
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Knowledge econamy
Jobs that require high levels of education or training
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Knowledge intensive services (KIS)
Industries such as finance and education
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Labour intensive
Work that is still done by hand rather than labour saving machience
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Local development framework
A planning document produced after consultation with local residents and businesses by a local authority
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The production of goods and processed materials by the secondary sector of the economy
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The increased use of machines to replace human labour
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Where small loans are given to businessmen who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans
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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Development targets set by the UN with aims to meet by 2015
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