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1. What can you use the social network site- MySpace for?

  • Bulletins, videos and photographs.
  • Eating, drinking and singing.
  • Creating databases and processing data.
  • Ordering an Indian takeaway for a romantic date.
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2. Select the correct DISADVANTAGE of using Interent radio?

  • You can listen to radio stations from around the world.
  • You need a broadband connection.
  • The radio never plays my kind of music, gosh.
  • It's not cool to listen to the radio on the Internet.

3. Fill in the blank: Democracy may improve with interactive digital tv as people will be able to ______ in elections without leaving their home.

  • VOTE
  • SING

4. What is the correct definition of a pixel.

  • A pixel is a feature of a website.
  • A pixel is a dot of light forming a digital image.
  • A pixel is a dot of light forming a sandwich.
  • A pixel is the result from processing data.

5. Out of the following which is the output device?

  • Barcode reader.
  • Computer screen.
  • Keyboard.
  • Webcam.



Awful. A joke. A very bad joke.

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