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2. What is current?

  • A measure of electrical energy transferred per second.
  • The flow of free protons around a circuit.
  • The flow of free electrons around a circuit.
  • Power X Resistance

3. How is voltage measured?

  • An ammeter connected in either series or parallel
  • A voltmeter connected in series
  • A voltmeter connected in parallel
  • A voltmeter connected anywhere on the circuit

4. How is current measured?

  • Ammeter connected in series
  • Geiger counter connected in parallel
  • Ammeter connected in parallel
  • Voltmeter connected in series

5. What is voltage?

  • A measure of electrical energy transferred per certain number of electrons
  • How difficult it is for current to flow around a circuit
  • Gamma radiation disrupting the circuit flow
  • An isotope of helium


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