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1. What did the Trans-Siberian railway allow?

  • Russia to invade Korea easily
  • The tsar to see more of his people
  • The development of Russian influence in the Far East of Asia
  • Mass migration
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2. What did the growth of towns and cities lead to?

  • All of these
  • Poor living and working conditions
  • Social unrest
  • Support for extremism

3. What was Witte's aims?

  • To bring Russia out of poverty
  • To make the economy stable enough to sustain Russia as a great power
  • To ensure that there was no more famines

4. Using the development made, what could Russia now do?

  • Ensure that all of its borders were protected
  • Exploit the resources of Siberia and improve its military
  • Keep tight checks on peasant grain production
  • Exploit the land for industrial purposes

5. How long was the Trans-Siberian railway?

  • 1,000,000km
  • 7000km
  • 700km
  • 800km


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