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1. What two things did Witte do in 1987?

  • Put Russia on the gold standard and reduce working hours to 8.25
  • Nothing
  • Put Russia on the gold standard and reduce working hours to 11.5
  • Put Russia on the gold standard and cancell the building of the Trans-Siberian railway
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2. What did the Trans-Siberian railway allow?

  • Mass migration
  • The development of Russian influence in the Far East of Asia
  • The tsar to see more of his people
  • Russia to invade Korea easily

3. What did the extra taxation cause?

  • Peasant resentment and uprisings
  • A boost in the economy
  • The class system to equal out
  • Anger from the gentry

4. What did putting Russia on the gold standard do?

  • Changed Russian currency
  • Devalued the rouble
  • Hightened the value of the rouble
  • Crashed the economy

5. Using the development made, what could Russia now do?

  • Exploit the resources of Siberia and improve its military
  • Exploit the land for industrial purposes
  • Keep tight checks on peasant grain production
  • Ensure that all of its borders were protected


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