Wiring and stuff 2

A fuse is a thin piece of wire that...
allows a current to flow through it
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Above a certain value, the fuse...
overheats and melts
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The wire burning is safer as...
it doesn't burn the whole appliance
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It prevents more current to...
flow through the appliance
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Plugs, sockets and cables and appliances are made of...
hard-wearing electrical insulators
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Sockets are made out of...
stiff plastic materials with wires inside
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The longest pin of a three pin plug is designed so that it will...
make contact with the earth wire of a wall socket circuit
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This is so that when you plug in an appliance with a metal casing to a wall socket...
the case is automatically earthed
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plugs have cases made out of...
stiff plastic
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The pins are made of brass because...
it is a good conductor and doesn't rust/oxidise
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The inside of the case is shaped so that...
the wires and pins cannot touch each other when the plug is sealed
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The fuse placed between the live pin and the live wire will...
cut the live wire off if there is too much current passing through it
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Cables used for mains appliances consist of two or three...
insulated copper wires surrounded by an outer layer of rubber or flexible plastic material
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Copper is a...
good conductor
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Plastic is a good insulator and prevents...
anyone touching the cable (prevents electric shocks)
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Two-core cables are used for appliances which have...
plastic cases
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The LIVE wire is connected to the...
live pin
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The NEUTRAL wire is connected to the...
neutral pin
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The EARTH wire is connected to the...
earth pin
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The Earth Wire is not connected to the...
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The Earth Wire connects the metal casing of an appliance to...
the ground
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This is so that if a fault appears in the live wire, and it somehow touches the casing...
it would become earthed
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Too great a current would go in through the...
live wire, through the case and out down the earth wire to the ground.
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The surge in the current melts the...
fuse (or tips the circuit breaker in the live wire)
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This is when the amount of the current is...
greater than the fuse rating
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This cuts off the live supply and...
breaks the circuit.
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Why do appliances with double insulation not need an Earth Wire?...
There is no need for one as the case is made out of non-conducting plastic and if the faulty live wire touched the casing, there is hardly any risk as it is an insulator
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A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is...
another type of circuit breaker
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It works by detecting a difference in the current between the...
live and neutral wires
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If the current somehow leaves the circuit causing the live wire to have a higher current than the fuse...
it will automatically switch the circuit off
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overheats and melts


Above a certain value, the fuse...

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it doesn't burn the whole appliance


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flow through the appliance


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hard-wearing electrical insulators


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