William Blake Songs of experience

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'Earth raised up her head, from the darkness dread and drear'
Earth's answer
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'selfish father of men!'
Earth's answer
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'babes reduced to misery'
Holy Thursday- EXPERIENCE
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'Fed with a cold and usurous hand'
Holy Thursday- EXPERIENCE
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'It is a land of poverty!'
Holy Thursday- EXPERIENCE
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'Eternal winter'
Holy Thursday- EXPERIENCE
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'Babe can never hunger there' - Where is this referencing ?
Holy Thursday- EXPERIENCE- talking about heaven.
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'Seek for her maker meek'
Little Girl Lost
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'desert wild, become a garden mild'
Little Girl Lost
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'father,mother weep'
Little Girl Lost
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'frowning,frowning night'
Little Girl Lost
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'beasts of prey'
Little Girl Lost
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'Kingly lion stood'
Little Girl Lost
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'leopards,tigers play'
Little Girl Lost
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'Bowed his mane of gold'
Little Girl Lost
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'bosom lick'
Little Girl Lost
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'Lyca's parents go
Little Girl Found
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'Seven nights they sleep among the shadows deep'
Little Girl Found
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'Hollow piteous shriek'- Who makes this noise?
Lyca's parents. Little Girl Found
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'On his head a crown'
Little Girl Found
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'Follow me'- who says this and who to?
The lion tells Lyca's parents this: Little Girl Found
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'They followed where the vision led'
Little Girl Found
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'disguise' What poem is this from and what is it talking about ?
Nurses Song - dangers of winter and night is disguised
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'Then come home my children the sun is gone down'
Nurses song-EXPERIENCE
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'dews of night arise'
Nurses song-EXPERIENCE
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'Voices of children are heard on the green'
Nurses song-EXPERIENCE
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How is the color green deceiving in Nurse song?
The nurses face is described as green as well as the grass.
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'Crimson Joy'
The Sick Rose
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'Dark secret love does thy life destroy'
The Sick Rose
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'Little Fly'
The Fly
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'Am not I a fly like thee'
The Fly
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Till some blind hand shall brush my wing' What is this symbolic for?
- A thoughtless death of the fly as well as the human
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'My thoughtless hand'
The Fly
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'I dreamt a dream'
The Angel
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'Guarded by an Angel mild'
The Angel
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'Hid from him my hearts delight'
The Angel
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'For the time of youth was fled and grey hairs were on my head'
The Angel
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'Burnt the fire of thine eyes'
The Tyger
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'In what furnace was thy brain'
The Tyger
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'deadly terror' - What does this give connotations of ?
The Tyger- Hell
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What Quote from the Tyger related to the Book of revelations-falling angels?
'When the stars threw down their spears'
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'Did he who make the lamb make thee'- Did God create hell?
The Tyger
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'My rose turned away with jealousy,and her thorns were my only delight'
My pretty rose tree- adulterous love
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'Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright'
The Lily
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What is THE LILY contrasted with
A thorn on a rose and the horn on a sheep
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'Lily white'
The Lily
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What is in the Garden of Love? - 3 quotes
'Filled with graves' 'tombstones where flowers should be' 'priests in black gowns'
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What does the Garden of Love poem highlight?
Hypocrisy of the church- 'Gates of this chapel were shut'
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'The church is cold'
The Little Vagabond
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'Alehouse is healthy,and pleasent and warm'
The Little Vagabond
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Who is the Narrator of The Little Vagabond?
A child
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'Chartered street'
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'Marks of weakness,marks of woe'
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'infants cry of fear'
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'chimney sweepers cry'
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'blackening church appals'
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'soldiers sigh runs in blood down palace walls'
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'youthful harlots'
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'midnight streets'
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'New born infants tear'
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'Into the dangerous world I leapt'
Infant sorrow
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'My mother groaned,my father wept'
Infant sorrow
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'sulk upon my mothers breast'
Infant sorrow
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'In trembling zeal seized his hair'
A little boy lost
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'All admired his priestly care' What poem and what effect?
A little Boy lost- Ironic as the priest has been aggressive towards the boy.
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'stripped him to his little shirt and bound him in an iron chain'
A little boy lost- EXPERIENCE
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'Burned him in a holy place where many had been burned before'
A little boy lost- EXPERIENCE
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'weeping parents'
A little boy lost- EXPERIENCE
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'age of Gold
A little girl lost -EXPERIENCE
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'wanderers weep'
A little girl lost -EXPERIENCE
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What does A little girl lost suggest the parents view is on innocence?
Parents are jealous of their children innocence so allow them to fall into experience.
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'Cruelty has a human hear,and jealousy a human face'
A divine image- EXPERIENCE
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'dreadfull light shall brake' when the child does 'wake'
A cradle song- EXPERIENCE
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To go to school in the summer morn,-O it drives all joy away!
The school boy
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'How can the bird that is born for joy,sit in a cage and sing?'
The school boy
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What is the opening line of To Tirzah ?
'Whate'er is born of mortal birth must be consumed with the earth'
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'The death of Jesus set me free'
To Tirzah
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'close my tounge in senseless clay' Where from? What does it mean?
To Tirzah and it relates to the child growing up without a say/individuality.
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'They stumble all night over bones of the dead'
The Voice of the ancient bard
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'wish to lead other,when they should be lead'
The Voice of the ancient bard
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'selfish father of men!'


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'babes reduced to misery'


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'Fed with a cold and usurous hand'


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'It is a land of poverty!'


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