William Blake poetry- Key Quotes

"the invisible worm"
The Sick Rose
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"Dark secret love"
The sick rose
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"Does thy life destroy"
The sick Rose
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"They think they have done no injury"
The chimney sweeper (experience)
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"Tom was Happy and warm"
The chimney Sweeper (innocence)
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"And came by an angel.. and set them all free"
The Chimney Sweeper (innocence)
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"I a child, thou a lamb"
The Lamb- we are all the lamb of god (body of jesus christ)
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"Making all the vales rejoice"
The Lamb- Blake personifies the valleys, they are overjoyed by the innocence of the lamb
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"He shall follow his sheep all day"
The Shepherd
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"His tongue will be filled with praise"
The Shepherd
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"He is watchful while they are in peace"
The shepherd- omnipresence
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"Chartered streets"
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"Blackened church"
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"Chartered Thames does flow"
London- commenting on industrialisation corrupting nature
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"runs in blood down palace walls"
London- commenting on the french revolution, how it didn't effect the normal man- failure of revolt & social injustice
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"The church is cold"
The little vagabond- commenting on how the church is physically and spiritually cold
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"Happy as birds in the spring"
Little vagabond- pastoral imagery
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"No more quarrels with the devil"
Little vagabond- the existence of the devil is merely an effect of the lack of empathy & understanding
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"Rich and fruitful land"
Holy thursday
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"reduced to misery/fed with cold hands"
Holy Thursday
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"Their sun does never shine"
Holy Thursday
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"Hid from him my hearts delight"
The Angel
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"Morn blushed rosy red"
The angel
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"Time of youth was fled"
The angel
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"did he who made the lamb make thee"
The Tyga
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"Heaven in Hells dispare"
The clod and pebble
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"Selfish loves"
The human abstract
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"Mutual fear brings peace"
The human abstract
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"Dark secret love"


The sick rose

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"Does thy life destroy"


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"They think they have done no injury"


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"Tom was Happy and warm"


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