Wiemar Germany

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Who was Kaiser Whilhelm?
He disagreed with Ludendorf about ending the war.
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Who was Friedrech Ebert?
He was the socialist leader.
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Who was General Ludendorff?
He made a speech telling Germany to give up the war.
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Define Abdicate
To give up a powerful position.
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Define Mutiny
A rebellion by navel soliders in 28th October 1918.
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What was the Spanish Flu?
A disease that swept acrossed Europe during the war killing many civillians and soldiers.
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What was the Turnip Winter?
One winter many crops failed and other countries refused to trade with Germany. Many of thier ports were blocked by enemies.People had very little to eat.
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What was the Treaty Of Versailles?
A treaty to ensure armistice continued after WW1. It had four main clauses.
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What was Article 231?
The clause of the traety that blamed Germany for the war.
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What are Reperations?
The money Germany had to pay as punishment after the war. £6,600 million.
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What is the Reichstag?
The name of the German government.
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What was proportional representation?
The way seats were one in the Reichstag.
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What was Article 48?
The constitution gave the President power to suspend democracy.
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What was Dolschtoss?
Germans didnt believe they would lose the war. They said that polititions had stabbed the soldiers in the backs.
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Who were the Freikorps?
Out of work soldiers who disagreed with the new government. They tried to revolt but were stopped.
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What was Hyperinflation?
Where money lost almost all of its worth as money was constantly printed.
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What was the demilitarised Rhineland?
France ordered the land between France and Germany to have no soldiers so that they felt safer.
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What was the Ruhr Valley?
An industrial area of Germany.
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Who was Friedrech Ebert?


He was the socialist leader.

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Who was General Ludendorff?


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Define Abdicate


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