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2. Who opposed the provisional government in 1917?

  • The Tsar
  • The Kadets
  • The Petrograd soviets
  • TheBolsheviks

3. What did Order number one state?

  • Soldiers should do everything the provisional government says
  • Soldiers shouldn't obey anyone and have a independent leader
  • Soldiers should obey the provisional government if the Petrograd soviets agreed with them
  • Soldiers shouldn't listen to the provisional government

4. When did Lenin and Trotsky overthrow the provisional Government?

  • November 1918
  • March 1918
  • November 1917
  • March 1917

5. What was the commander-in-chief that tried to gain control in September 1917 called?

  • General Kornloiv
  • General Korinlov
  • General Kornilov
  • General Kornliov


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