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2. When did Lenin announce to the All-Russian congress of soviets that the Bolsheviks had taken over the government?

  • Early on the 12th of September
  • Early on the 8th of September
  • Early on the 8th of November
  • Early on the 12th of November

3. When did the Bolsheviks gain control of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the telephone exchange, power stations, railway stations, banks and main bridges in Petrograd?

  • 3rd October
  • 6th November
  • 18th September
  • 12th December

4. What did Order number one state?

  • Soldiers should obey the provisional government if the Petrograd soviets agreed with them
  • Soldiers shouldn't listen to the provisional government
  • Soldiers should do everything the provisional government says
  • Soldiers shouldn't obey anyone and have a independent leader

5. When did Lenin return from exile?

  • April 1918
  • April 1917
  • June 1917
  • June 1918


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